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Breakthrough Spirit Training


Don’t let life eat your lunch! Kick fear, anxiety and intimidation to the curb forever! Find out how you can live a powerful life as a child of God. Did you know it’s possible for you to lay hands on the sick and see them recover?

Or cast out demons?

Or cleanse the lepers (or anyone afflicted with disease?)

Or raise the dead?

YOU CAN! Mark 16:17-18 proves it!

5 years ago a near-tragedy made me realize I couldn’t be a powerless, bench-warming Christian any more. I had to start seeing results. I NEEDED to see what God says is possible because I needed a miracle!

This little manual is the beginning of my incredible journey. Journey with me as I show you everything I learned from Scripture how to live a life of divine healing, signs and wonders with results. You can too!

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