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Free Stuff

Mp3’s, Videos & More!

Yvette Dempster:

The Truth About Healing Exhortation PDF download

(excerpt from “The Adoption” book) The Truth About Healing

Podcast: The Kingdom of God Inside You ( Notes)

Todd White:

– teaching on Unbelief.

-teaching on Manifesting Love

Dan Mohler:

-teaching on Jesus, Faith and Miracles

-teaching on The Truth About Job

Neck Ministries (Todd White and Dan Mohler)

John G. Lake Ministries

(official website of Curry Blake- DHT “Divine Healing Technician Training” available free)

-Divine Healing Technician Training Course Audio

Part 1,2,3,4

Part 5,6,7

Part 8,9,10

Part 11,12,13

Part 14,15,16

Part 17,18,19

Charisma Ministries

Free healing manual: Healing is the Children’s Bread

New Covenant Grace Ministries

Andre’s Book: Grace,The Forbidden Gospel (Free PDF version)

Faith Declaration

The Inheritance (Graham Cooke)

The Nature of God Part 1

The Nature of God Part 2

The Art of Thinking Brilliantly (Graham Cooke)


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