My name is Yvette Dempster

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I’m the author of The Adoption: Whose You Are Is Who You Are.

Adoption Book cover

Through a near-tragedy several years ago, I decided I couldn’t live a nominal, bench-warming Christian life anymore. I needed a miracle! Sure, I’d heard of the miraculous and I believed in healing, but my life was mediocre at best. I tried too hard to be good. To see the stuff in the Bible manifest in my own life. To memorize Scripture.

That’s when my life turned upside down. I was 33 years old.

It seemed every Scripture, every promise in the good book I’d ever read eluded me when I needed it most. I was a facilitator for an inner healing ministry at the time and I was burnt out, angry and frustrated.

I quit.

I quit attending church.

I quit the ministry.

I quit leading worship.

I just about quit life.

Then, I got serious. I called on God. His answer wasn’t what I was expecting. He told me I needed to change my thinking because how I perceived Him affected what I believed. And that was why I wasn’t seeing any lasting results. He began by showing me how much He loved me.

Then in 2011, my youngest son (12 at the time) got sick with double pneumonia. I watched helpless as his life was sucked out of him. And I screamed to God, “If I can’t be the kind of Christian I see in the Bible then I’m done!”

He said, “Go to your son and command that sickness to leave. And all heaven will back you up.”

I tell you, the fear of God struck my chest. With my legs shaking, and a righteous anger flaming inside I went to my son’s bedside. I’ll never forget this next part.

I said, “Brady, close your eyes. Mom is going to yell at the devil for a minute.”

He closed his eyes. And I told that devil off. I told pneumonia to leave his body. I commanded his body to be healed in Jesus’ Name. And I stuck my finger in the devil’s face and I told him that my son has a destiny from God and there’s nothing he could do about it!

Then, with tears streaming down my son’s face, he looked up at me. I told him to get up and act well, because he was well.

Then, I went to work. When I came home an hour later he was up and drinking orange juice in spite of the blisters in his mouth, nose and throat (reaction to the medication he was on. Which I threw out after the first dose, by the way. I’ll never suggest to anyone to do that, but that’s what I did because I believed what I heard God say.) From that day on our family experienced a profound change.

Everything we thought we knew about the Gospel began to change. We began again. We were born again.

Our minds were beginning to be renewed.

And that’s only the beginning….