The Difference Between lack of Faith and Unbelief (Part 2)

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In my last post I shared Scripture that shows the difference between faith and belief and how we don’t have a faith problem–when we don’t see what we’ve prayed for manifested–we have an unbelief problem. Let me remind you that unbelief is simply allowing our 5 senses to tell us that our negative circumstance is bigger than what the Word of God says. Our senses can not only affect us, but they can dictate what we believe. I shared Smith Wigglesworth’s story and how he didn’t let what the crowd was doing or saying affect his business (healing a lady with a tumor), and in the end he saw manifested what he’d seen and known in the spirit.


I also mentioned how God doesn’t respond to us when we pray for healing, or prosperity (or anything else Scripture says we’ve already been given), rather we respond to Him.

What do I mean?

We have something very important confused.

Have you ever thought that when you pray you are asking God to do something? Thinking like this is what trips us up.  If we were waiting on God to move, then nothing He’s already given (healing, salvation etc) would be a gift. It would be based on what we do. That’s works. Legalism. And legalism is killing people. While they are waiting for God to move (respond to their prayer) they are dying.

What about when you fast, do you think that fasting convinces God? Do we think we are motivating Him to hear us? Again, that’s silly. He told us it’s not by our righteousness or holiness that He does anything. It’s not by works so that no one can boast! It’s by grace through faith and even that (faith) is a gift from Him.

This kind of thinking is also why many of us aren’t living in prosperity. We have mistakenly believed that we pray for prosperity in finances, and then we are wait for Him to act. But He has told us we have ALREADY BEEN blessed with EVERY spiritual blessing in heavenly places.

Just like many of us don’t experience peace because we have asked Him for peace and then have waited for Him to give it to us. But He already did it! We have peace just like we have joy on the inside of us because He is on the inside of us and joy and peace are both fruits of the Spirit!!

Many of us have prayed for healing for our own bodies or for someone else and haven’t seen the manifestation of it because this important thing: we’ve prayed and are waiting for Him to heal. But He isn’t healing anymore! He already did it over 2000 years ago! All we have to do is receive what He’s already given.


A few weeks ago, I experienced a great amount of pain in my stomach. For three days I could hardly walk or eat or drink. I even had a hard time standing. But I continued to live normally anyway because I’ve learned that my body won’t dictate how I live. So I went to work and I did everything I normally did until the third morning I woke up and I couldn’t unbend.

I walked downstairs all crouched up, and stood in front of the living room window. I looked out side and talked to God.

I had been speaking to that pain for three days and was waiting for God to heal me.

What happened next changed everything for me.

I said, “God, I’ve done my part by commanding this pain to leave. So why aren’t You doing Your part?”

He reminded me of the time 3 years ago when I was praying and asking Him for blessing, and peace and joy etc and looking up scripture and asking Him for those promises…He interrupted me and said, “there’s Grace for that.”

Well, I didn’t fully understand at that time what He was saying, until just a few weeks ago. While I was standing in front of that window He reminded me when He told me what I was praying for, there was Grace for them all.

What is Grace? (getting what we don’t deserve, but is a gift. Mercy is NOT getting what we deserve)

I knew He was going to teach me something so I listened. He then said, “When I told you there’s grace for those things you were asking for I was telling you I had already provided for everything you’d ever need in this life. Every pain, sickness, financial issue, and every kind of lack I’ve already provided for. Health, wholeness, peace, joy, love…. I’ve done my part. You don’t need to motivate me to do anything else. Prayer, fasting and begging doesn’t cause me to respond because I ‘ve already provided everything you need. You just need to respond to Grace.”

And He reminded me of the scripture “it’s by Grace you’ve been saved through faith”

I saw something then. He gave it (Grace) and it’s my faith that responds (receives). Even faith He’s already given me.

I was blown away. The minute I understood that I had been mistakenly waiting on Him to give me something I already had, all the pain left. Instantly.


Soon after, John came downstairs and must’ve seen something was going on because he asked me, “what’s going on?”

So I shared with him. He didn’t seem to fully understand so I grabbed a piece of paper from the counter and gave it to him. Then I said, “ask me for that paper.”

He looked at me funny and said,” why would I ask you for it? You already gave it to me.”


So why isn’t everyone healed?

Is it God’s fault that not everyone is healed? Did He pick and choose who should get healed one day and not the other? It’s the same reason why everyone isn’t saved. They haven’t received. The story of the woman in the wheelchair was given a gift. But she rejected it. It was hers to receive or reject.

We have all been given faith and we’ve also been given grace for EVERYTHING we could possibly ever need in this life. All we have to do is take it. Don’t get messed up thinking you’ve done your part by praying and now you’re waiting for God to do His part. He’s done it. He’s given it to you. Now you just receive it. And you can also give it away.

Giving away what you have

Acts 3:1-10 The lame man and Peter and John at the gate Beautiful. Peter said, “LOOK AT US.” And when the lame man looked at them, expecting to receive something, Peter said, “we don’t have silver or gold, but what we do have we give to you! In the name of Jesus Christ get up and walk!” And he did. They simply gave that man what they had: the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead.

So what does it mean then when the scripture says ‘faith comes by hearing…’ doesn’t that mean we don’t have it until we hear the word of God?

Here’s what I found when I studied that verse. The word ‘comes’ is actually the word ‘is’ in the original Greek text. This means faith exists. It is. The rest of that verse, “hearing by the word of God’ literally means that faith exists by (on account of) the Word of God. God gave us faith and our hearing is on account of His Word. What He says is so. So when we preach the Gospel others are able to hear the Good News and likewise receive what we have. It’s much simpler than most of us have been taught!

Faith is always there. It is resident inside of us. It flows until it encounters unbelief. Hearing the Word of God is what keeps it flowing. Hearing something contrary to the Word of God blocks it.

Faith stays inside of us and is always ready to be used. It’s power. God gave it to us and it’s there to use. But our ignorance (lack of knowledge) prevents us from using it.


Electricity is always here. In the atmosphere. It has always been here since God created it, but people didn’t know that so they didn’t use it. They used candles and lanterns instead of electricity.

Now, we know about it and we use it. But suppose you were having an important meeting at your house and you were going to cook supper and you needed electricity for the oven and lights. Would you call the power company and ask them to come turn your oven and lights on for you? No! They’d think you were nuts! They’d say, “we already supplied the electricity to you. We have an agreement with you to supply the power to you, but you have to turn on the switch in your house yourself to get your oven and lights to work. We aren’t doing it for you!”

In the same way, God (the power source) has already given you the power for healing and prosperity and peace. Whatever you need!  That power is under your control, so it would be silly to ask Him to do what He told us to do. We just have to flip the switch!

How do we flip the switch?

Since (faith) power is always inside of us we can use it any way we want to. We can also send it through any substance. Through cloths like Paul did in the Bible (Acts 19:12), or through our shadow, like Peter (Acts 5:15), or through our clothing, through our words, through our voice, and through our hands.

Why hasn’t this become the norm? Because we haven’t known we could do this! We haven’t understood this was available, but now that we do it’s just like using the light switch now. We can turn it on anytime!

The only thing stopping our faith (power) is unbelief.

How to get rid of unbelief

I mentioned earlier the verse that says, ‘this kind (unbelief) doesn’t go out except by prayer and fasting.’ Right here, in black and white, is the cure for unbelief.

We don’t have to be persuaded by unbelief. We get to choose to live with the limitations of unbelief or to be free of any limitation. Fasting will dial down your body’s ability to dictate to you. When you’ve denied it food (the biggest sense thing) you’re telling it there are more important things that you’re focussing on. And eventually (after it’s roared and complained and cried) it will believe you when you tell it to shut up and receive healing when you have a pain!

Prayer will also dial down your natural senses, because praying (especially in Spirit) is contradictory to our senses: we don’t always feel God, and praying in tongues seems silly to our heads, and our minds try to wander, and we may get fidgety). But when we persist we are telling our souls that we are focussing on Him. And before long our emotional senses will obey our spirit.

My prayer is that from now on you’ll be able to use the faith you’ve been given as easily as you were meant to. Don’t get caught up thinking that you’re waiting for God to respond to your prayer. Just remember that He has already healed you (1 Peter 2:24). You just have to receive it. You respond to Him.

God doesn’t respond to you or else your healing becomes something you’ve earned, not something you’ve been given for free.


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