The Truth About Waiting For Healing To Manifest

Posted By Yvette Dempster on May 20, 2016 | 0 comments

What Salvation Really Means

Is it necessary to wait for a manifestation of your healing?



How can I say this?

Haven’t I waited for a manifestation of my own healing? I’ve answered that here.

Now consider this: would a man, after hearing the Gospel preached and being convicted of his sins, run to the altar to pray for salvation, then agonize and wait for a manifestation of his forgiveness? No! If that happened, we would say that man just simply needs to receive what God has already done. That man, after feeling the sting of his sinfulness, would cry and praise God after hearing his sins were forgiven! He’d go away a happy man!

Salvation Is Not Compartmentalized

Man’s religious thinking has done a good job of separating forgiveness from healing in the gift of salvation, but since healing and forgiveness of sins were both paid for by Jesus on the cross, you can receive them both the same way AND at the same time!

Last week I posted how forgiveness and healing were both equal parts of salvation. And since you immediately received forgiveness of sins the moment you believed and confessed, you can also immediately receive healing in the same way.

This is how:

How To Receive Healing

FIRST: after praying and receiving your healing by faith, praise God knowing you’re healed! SECOND: Act like your healed. Just like the man who was forgiven went out rejoicing, you do the same. Don’t focus on your five senses. Focus on truth. Get up and do the things you’d normally do. Keep your confessions the same as what you believe, and go out and act healed and you will soon realize the manifestation.

Download these truths that you can confess from John G. Lake Ministries (Curry Blake).


Since discovering that salvation includes both healing and forgiveness, have you experienced healing?

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