Two New Series… With A Warning

Posted By Yvette Dempster on Jan 7, 2013 | 3 comments

The Intensity Increases



Have you ever woken up to the distinct feeling that something was different? Maybe something critical happened to you the previous day and it changed you. Or maybe you made a life-altering decision. Or maybe, just maybe,you changed.

Every once in awhile, out of the blue, it seems as though the whole universe has ‘shifted’ and suddenly things become sharper, clearer and even simpler than they ever were before. Do you know what I’m talking about?

I recently experienced this. People that know me describe me as being intense. Sometimes too intense. But they way I see it is, if there is anything in life worth pursuing then you should go after it with everything you have. Pull out all the stops! Go all the way or don’t bother going at all. And this year I am more focussed than ever before. I am clearer and sharper than I have ever been. Why? What shifted? That is exactly what I am about to tell you.

While on vacation with my family over the Christmas season I was blasted with what I call the ‘spin cycle.’ I suffered a severe migraine the evening before New Year’s Eve (something I have battled for many years) and though it was brief it caused my mind to spin into a cycle of “why me?” questions which eventually slid down the slippery slope of despair until I bottomed out at the valley of hope deferred. I am so thankful that while I was in that place (for a hour, but believe me it was long enough) Holy Spirit showed me something incredible. I want to share the revelation with you so that you too can stop the cycle in your mind whenever you face difficulty.

During the days that followed, I have had my perspective changed in such a way that I literally woke up one morning and felt as though the entire world had shifted. I will be doing a short series on what Holy Spirit revealed to me.

I will also be doing a controversial series at the same time as the aforementioned series. Here is what these two series’ will look like:

Why Is This Happening To Me?

* this series will address a common malady in the Body of Christ. I’m calling it the “spin cycle.” It happens to many Christians when they face a crisis then, when the answer or breakthrough seems to linger, they become desperate until they eventually despair. The Bible refers to this as ‘hope deferred’ and it makes the heart-sick. The spin-cycle is what our minds and emotions go through as we wait for our breakthrough. Find out why this happens and what to do about it. This will be available as a regular weekly or bi-weekly blog post, so if you’ve subscribed to The Adoption either through the email opt-in or through the RSS feed you will receive it without doing anything else.

Psychology and Christianity

*this series will address a concern that has been on my heart for a number of years. The deceptive practice of psychological Christianity. What does psychology in the Church look like and how did it get there? Why is this deception? How has the Church been affected by it? The most common names for this ministry are inner healing, sozo, and listening/healing prayer. I have sought the Lord for several years on this issue and I am convinced it is deceiving the Body of Christ in the most devastating way. This will be an opt-in series which means you will need to sign up to receive it since it will contain some very sensitive material. I have formerly been a minister and teacher of inner healing and I have been a recipient of this kind of ministry.
WARNING: Do NOT sign up for this series unless you are prepared to have your current belief system shaken concerning this type of ministry. Find out how FREE you really are! (This topic is briefly discussed in my book The Adoption but this series will cover it more specifically).
The topics will cover:
-dealing with your past, present and future
-generational curses (do they exist? What to do about them)
-addictions and other bondages (how to really be free)
-identificational repentance (what is it? Is it necessary?)
-the spiritual atmosphere (strongholds, and dealing with the strongman)
-and you can know that you will never be deceived again!

Neither of these series are being written because I have ‘issues’ with particular people or ministries. I am not angry with anyone and I am not trying to correct anyone. My heart is to direct people away from dependency on man in order uncover the individual’s true identity in Christ. It is the truth that will set you free!

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  1. Hi Yvette, like your stuff. I would like to receive both series you posted above. Blessings, Bob

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    • Hi Bob,
      Thanks so much for the feedback. I sincerely appreciate it. I’ll add you to the subscriber list for those 2 series. If you have any questions or comments I’d love to hear them.
      Be blessed 🙂

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  2. Hi Yvette. I would also like to receive both series.

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